Collaborative transformation: Data Platform Strategy

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Portbase is created in 2009 to create value with and for the Dutch Port Community by sharing data, to create the smartest ports in Europe. Portbase is a non-profit organisation for and by the Dutch Port Community, currently serving approximately 5.000 companies and over 17.000 users.

Client Question

Early 2019 Portbase developed their data strategy followed by the design and creation of the data platform. The data platform is the continuous effort to support the Dutch Port Community. Even though the strategy is sound, the platform is state of the art, the impact (propositions, # clients, revenue) trials behind expectations. There is a need for another way of work to achieve results. Bring the data services to the market in a way that the impact for the customer and the organisation is visible.

Design Challenge

In co-operation with Portbase the following design challenge has been defined: “How might we introduce the information platform in the market and accelerate the creation of new propositions and services in order to create impact for our customers and achieve our business goals?”


A new proposition for track and trace of containers has been created, aligned with the offering of the Harbor of Rotterdam, and integrated in a single solution (CargoTracker). Furthermore, the business portfolio with data propositions has been created. Last but not least, the marketing business capability has been designed and implemented to step up the go to market approach for data services in the context of a 4.800 strong customer base in the Dutch Port Community. 


We set-up a team of teams, based on Agile Kanban, bringing together the three perspectives of the data team, the go to market team and the portfolio team. There were three iterations: getting started & create focus, develop portfolio and design (and experiment with) the go-to-market approach. As the platform and the data team were available at the moment the assignment started, it was like building a bridge while walking on it. Leveraging previous work and effort while adding to it to create a solid bridge. 

Visual overview of the process



"I am very satisfied about the collaboration with Faebric. Very skilled and energetic professionals with a copious amount of decisiveness and innovation capacity!"

- Peter de Graaf, Managing Director

"Fæbric is a valuable partner. They were quickly up to speed, using our specific business knowledge and insights, into accelerating the execution of our data platform in a pragmatic and successful way. In parallel our data portfolio has developed and the go-to-market capabilities have been expanded. It is great to work with people from Fæbric who really take you further."

- Iwan van der Wolf, Managing Director

Key elements

Business Capability Development, Proposition Development, Positioning, Agile Way of Work

The Faebric network

Portbase Team

With a team of six people we worked on this project. Each within their own expertise. 

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For more details on the Portbase case, please contact Wolter Buma